Top Herbal Practice in NY!

Dr. Jihyuk Park Clinic has been selected as a top Naturopath business in New York in annual Yocale Book Local Community Choice Awards for 2017! 'The Book Local Community Choice Award' is an independent annual review conducted by Yocale to identify the top industry leaders in communities across the country who continuously provide exceptional service to their clients on a regular basis.

Ranked in the Top 20!

The New York Acupuncture Rankings for 2015 by OPENCARE. It is an annual review that evaluates over 563 Acupuncture offices in New York.

The Perfect Privacy

At the clinic, your privacy is one of the most concerned values. You can also promptly make an appointment with Dr. Park via direct email, phone call or even text messages. Visit Dr. Park with your health concerns at the perfectly private space in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Promotions for Artists

For healthy life, it is very important to maintain balanced body, mind and spirit. Dr. Park has thought that Art is a great remedy for human spirit. As appreciation for being the best spirit healers in human society, there are special promotions for the Artists such as painters, poets, musicians or dancers. The promotions vary, so please contact Dr. Park if you are an artist! Dr. Park would gladly like to treat local artists.

Clinic Location

 39 E 78th St., Suite 304, New York, NY 10075

On 78th St. between Madison & Park Avenue.

The nearest subway station is local 6 train 77th St. station

Please push the button '304' at the building entrance to buzz the bell. 

Contact Dr. Park

Any questions are welcomed.
You will be answered soon directly from Dr. Park.
text/call: 646-549-9620