Personalized Herbal Medicine

Through Holistic Assessment

Korean Medicine doctors consider the patient's whole body functional systems and relationship between symptoms, as well as disease diagnosis. Catching those pathological patterns is called 'Holistic Pattern Assessment' and it's directly connected to the prescription of Herbal Medicine.

for Each Person's Complicated Symptoms

In Korean Medicine, Herbal Medicine formula is prescribed only for the sole person. As a doctor of Korean Medicine, Dr. Park always considers the patient's every symptom even it's complicated. It's tailored and personalized medicine.

The Most Safe and Natural Solution

Every Herbal Medicine used by Dr. Park is made from the highest quality medical herbs, so it's safe and natural. No chemical drugs are added. Please see the pictures below of the Herbal Medicine manufacturing facility in Korea. They produce very unique concentrated products and it's only 25ml per serving. Absolutely no burden to take it on time.

Combined with Lifestyle Coaching

BYOD! Bring your own device! If you're using any health monitoring wearable devices, then bring it and consult about your data. Based on the data, Dr. Park will coach you to manage the optimal conditions during the treatment cycle of Herbal Medicine, which can lead to the best result.

Manufacturing Process of Concentrated Herbal Medicine

1. Medical herbs in storage.

Medical herbs are strictly managed in this facility according to regulations of Korea Government.


2. Selection and preparation of herbs according to prescription.

By the pharmacist in Korea.

3. Selection and preparation of herbs according to prescription.

Before cooking and brewing of prescribed herbal medicine.

4. Brewing of Herbal Medicine.

Before brewing, herbs are washed thoroughly by 50 micron filter and UV-sterilized.

5. Brewing of Herbal Medicine.

In this KFDA approved GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) grade facility's clean room, there are 70 pottery jars making decoction of Herbal Medicine. Pottery jar has been used as the traditional brewing method and it makes non-toxic, very good quality decoction.

6. Brewing of Herbal Medicine.

GMP grade clean room.


7. Concentration from Herbal Medicine decoction.

Usually, one serving unit of decoction is about 120ml, but after the concentration process, it becomes only 25ml per serving. Very easy to drink.

8. Concentration from Herbal Medicine decoction.

Packaged in small sized vacuum packs. Its volume is only 25ml per pack.

9. After packaging.

Generally, one treatment cycle of Herbal Medicine is prescribed for 20 days, taking two packs a day. About 40 packs are seen in this picture.

10. Preparation for shipping.

About 40 packs in one box.

11. Preparation for shipping.

In this picture, you can actually see the original size of Herbal Medicine (120ml/pack), which is not concentrated. Compare the size with concentrated product.

12. Box packaging.

The box of Herbal Medicine is safely packed. It will be delivered from Korea directly to your house in the U.S in about 5 days.

13. Box packaging.

The box of Herbal Medicine is safely packed. It will be delivered directly to your house in the U.S in about 5 days from Korea.

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