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best pain doctor nyc

Dr. Jihyuk Park

Comprehensive Pain Specialist

Doctor of Korean Medicine 

Integrative Medicine Physician

Licensed Acupuncturist

Ph.D. in KM (Rehabilitation Medicine)

About Dr. Park

Areas of Expertise

Neurology Acupuncture,
Herbal Immunotherapy,
Pattern Assessment & Lifestyle Consultation.

"I care for people in the most personalized and natural way of Medicine."

Dr. Jihyuk Park, a devoted practitioner of Korean Medicine (KM), is committed to providing exceptional medical care through an integrative approach tailored to each patient's unique needs. He earned his Bachelor's degree in KM from DongGuk University's College of Korean Medicine in 2006 and pursued advanced studies, obtaining a Master of Science degree in KM (East-West Medicine) and a Ph.D. in KM (Rehabilitation Medicine) from KyungHee University in South Korea.

Following his physician licensure as an MD(DKM), Doctor of Korean Medicine in South Korea, Dr. Park served as a Public Health Doctor for the Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare. During this time, he delivered compassionate care to individuals dealing with various musculoskeletal ailments and chronic conditions, earning recognition from the president of the Association of Korean Medicine (AKOM) for his outstanding contributions to public health.


While conducting research at KyungHee University's Cancer Preventive Material Development Research Center (CPMDRC), Dr. Park immersed himself in oncology research. His academic background in East-West Medical Science provided him with a profound understanding of Integrative Medicine's crucial role in optimizing healthcare delivery. Armed with these insights, he treated numerous inpatients and outpatients while refining his skills as an integrative oncologist at leading cancer centers.

Motivated by a holistic perspective, Dr. Park explored the relationship between overall body structure and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, acknowledging its potential impact on neurological health. As a prominent figure within the Association of TMJ Balancing Medicine (ATBM), he shared his expertise through lectures and served as a clinical faculty member at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine at CHA University.


In 2012, Dr. Park embarked on a new journey in the United States, assuming the directorship at the Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine in New Jersey. It was one of the global network branches of Jaseng Hospital, the most renowned hospital in South Korea for its specialized focus on spine and joint care with non-surgical approaches. Dr. Park had opportunities to collaborate with fellow US healthcare professionals, leading to successful center management over a span of two and a half years in the state of New Jersey.


Since 2015, guided by his dedication to Integrative Medicine, Dr. Park has been a leading advocate for evidence-based, personalized treatments, particularly for cancer and pain patients, at his rehabilitation clinic in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC. Additionally, he has been invited to share his knowledge as an adjunct professor at Virginia University of Integrative Medicine, educating future acupuncturists.


Dr. Park's unwavering commitment to optimal patient care continues to propel advancements in the fields of integrative healthcare and rehabilitation medicine, not only treating the discomfort from pains but also pursuing maximum human functions or sports performance.


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74 E 79th St., Suite 1D,

New York, NY10075

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